Kind words

An image in reference to the slide. By:Sheila Suzuki  & Chad

I wanted insurance cover for my working Labradors. I decided, after careful research, VetsMedicover would give me that peace of mind with £10,000 per year. Thank goodness I had their cover. Chad, one of my Labradors, developed two tumours in his chest near his left shoulder. He needed a CAT scan, soft tissue surgery and ongoing metronomic chemotherapy; all state of the art treatment. Without VetsMediCover I could not have afforded the treatment. Last year, it was £9,000. VetsMediCover paid the bills direct to my vet with speedy, efficient and courteous service, for that I will be eternally grateful. Many, many thanks from me and Chad.

- Sheila Suzuki & Chad

An image in reference to the slide. By:Yvonne Schuiling & Marnie

My boxer puppy had a respiratory infection, I took her to the vets and rang VetsMediCover for a claim form when I got home. The guy who answered my call said he would email me a claim form. I didn't have any ink in my printer, 'no problem' the guy said. 'I'll pop one in the post for you tonight'. The next day my claim form dropped through my letter box. On Marnies last check up at the vets, I left the claim form for them to fill in and send off. Today I received confirmation from VetsMediCover that my claim will be paid into my bank account. This took two weeks from the time I left the form with the vets. Thanks very much for the prompt attentive service.

- Yvonne Schuiling & Marnie

An image in reference to the slide. By:John & Sam

Sam is insured with VetsMediCover and was pleased to have his claims paid direct to The Willows Vets on the recent two occasions that he has been poorly. Many thanks for swift, efficient, and understanding service.

- John & Sam

An image in reference to the slide. By:Jacki Taunton & Reggie

After taking out several unsatisfactory insurance policies with other companies I thankfully finally discovered VetsMediCover. It is the most comprehensive, straightforward, cost effective cover I have ever had. Being with VetsMediCover gives me complete peace of mind that I can give the best treatment available to my two cats Reggie and Scout at times when we have needed it most. I would highly recommend VetsMediCover over all others as their exceptional customer service and no hassle cover makes them experts in pet insurance. Please feel free to edit it as you wish because I have I said your cover has been absolutely the best so I will agree with whatever you write!

- Jacki Taunton & Reggie

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