The Benefits

  • Lifetime* and annual cover
  • Up to £10,000 vets fees per year
  • Complementary therapy
  • Dental treatment
  • Pet travel insurance
  • Third party liability
  • Death benefit
  • Up to £1000 if your pet is stolen
  • Only £80.00 excess
  • Dedicated claims line



 *Lifetime means being able to claim for ongoing conditions, for as long as we can offer renewal.  Terms and conditions of renewal are at the discretion of the underwriter.

Cover your pet for vets' bills of up to £10,000 per year


VetsMediCover takes pride in keeping things simple. Our goal is to provide a reliable insurance policy that is well delivered and gives you complete peace of mind.

We have four levels of cover and are confident that one of our policies will be the perfect solution for you and your pet. Cover is available for pets over 8 weeks old and less than 8 years at policy inception. 

Our pet insurance gives you peace of mind that you will be able to give your pet the best possible care.


What our customers say

Thank goodness I had their cover. Chad, one of my Labradors, developed two tumours in his chest near his left shoulder. He needed a CAT scan, soft tissue surgery and ongoing metronomic chemotherapy; all state of the art treatment. Many, many thanks fro

Sheila Suzuki & Chad

An image in reference to the slide. By:Sheila Suzuki  & Chad

My boxer puppy had a respiratory infection, I took her to the vets and rang VetsMediCover for a claim form when I got home. Today I received confirmation from VetsMediCover...

Yvonne Schuiling & Marnie

An image in reference to the slide. By:Yvonne Schuiling & Marnie

Sam is insured with VetsMediCover and was pleased to have his claims paid direct to The Willows Vets on the recent two occasions that he has been poorly. Many thanks for swift, efficient, and understanding service.

John & Sam

An image in reference to the slide. By:John & Sam

Being with VetsMediCover gives me complete peace of mind that I can give the best treatment available to my two cats Reggie and Scout at times when we have needed it most. I would highly recommend VetsMediCover.

Jacki Taunton & Reggie

An image in reference to the slide. By:Jacki Taunton & Reggie
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